Dentist Office Tour

Your Comfort at Our Dental Office is Our First Concern

From the moment you enter our dentistry office, we want you to feel at home and at ease. Our reception room is complete with a refreshment bar, aromatherapy, and equipped with Wi-fi for connecting to the internet. We go the extra mile to transform routine dental care into a truly pleasant experience.

Modern dentistry has many advancements in local anesthetics and relaxation methods to increase your comfort. Nitrous oxide or conscious sedation is available for those particularly uneasy about undergoing dental procedures. During your appointment, you can relax under a cozy blanket, listen to music on personal headphones, or watch your favorite TV show or DVD on ceiling-mounted high-definition televisions. Finish your appointment with a warm lavender scented towel and a bottle of cold spring water. You’ll notice our unique atmosphere on your very first visit!

Our office was also the award-winning design for the 2010 Dental Office Design Competition.  Click here to learn more!


We work to provide you with efficient, convenient dental visits. Call us today at (843) 654-7300 to see what we mean.