There are hundreds of directories online that list local businesses along with general information and, in some cases, customer ratings. An individual business listing is called a “citation”. Once on a specific directory site, searchers can use keywords to find the various businesses in the niche, such as dentist, dental office, teeth whitening, dental implants, etc. Some people prefer to use these lesser-known websites to research the details and rankings of the business they are interested in. The larger directories that you might be familiar with are Yelp, Foursquare, and Manta.

You may just want to use your favorite search engine.

Though it might not have been obvious at first, search engines make the Internet what it is. Without them, how would you find what you are looking for online? You could wander around aimlessly guessing web addresses, or following links, but you would become frustrated very quickly. You have to have a great way to find what you need online, but who would have guessed that many of them would become wildly successful and would actually change how we do many things online.

Google has been the king of searches for a while now, but that was not always the case. I’m not sure what they did to attract so many users, but whatever it was, it worked in spades. They have now branched out far beyond what you would think search engines could do. They no longer just find web pages. They have their own free email, they have advertising programs, own YouTube, and they also have their own web space for those with their email accounts.

Other search engines are right up there in efficiency, but Google owns about 90% of total worldwide search volume. People tend to have their favorites though, and many stick with just one. Most of these search engines will search web pages, images, newsgroups, blogs, and news items. This helps narrow down what you want. A news item is something that will have a shorter shelf life while a web page might contain information that is relevant for a long time. You may be looking for solid information or a news blurb, and this makes it easier to find what you want. Blogs have become sources for news items that many of the major news carriers seem to miss. This is why you might find the blog search near the news search option on some search engines.

The great thing about search engines is that they are always changing to reflect the way people want to find information. They do what they can to give you the most relevant information first, and they also allow you to find things that you would never find on your own. They get better and better as time goes on, and without them, almost everyone would be completely lost online. They have also become a great tool for find people you may have lost touch with. If they are listed anywhere online, search engines will help point you in their direction.

Here are some of the directories in which you will find a listing for Smileworks General & Cosmetic Dentistry:,-79.8457,20,normal