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Phenomenal staff makes for excellent visit!

My 62-year-old father has Alzheimer’s and has had a terrible fear of going to the dentist his entire life. It had been a great many years since he had been to the dentist due to this fear. I had been referred to Smileworks by a friend who is a nurse, and a few clients of my own. When my dad expressed concerns with his teeth recently, the first place I thought of was Smileworks. I had heard that it was a great environment [with] dentists who make you feel like they really care about you as a patient. We booked an appointment for him for his first visit in many years. He was incredibly anxious before going in and the wonderful staff at this office put his fears to rest. They were understanding, gentle, and made him feel completely comfortable. He came out of that office thrilled with everyone he met, his overall experience, and the treatment plan they outlined for him. I can’t thank you enough, Smileworks, for taking such great care of the most wonderful man in my life!

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Great Dentist Office

I am fairly new to the area and needed a dentist. The office is very nice, with high-tech equipment, and the hours allow me to go to the dentist after work, which is a huge plus. The staff and dentist are very friendly. I highly recommend them.

Hi-Tech and great dental service!

The doctors at Smileworks are very friendly. I was very impressed with the office, from the TVs that you can watch while they work on you to the overall feel. It was the nicest dentist office I have ever been in. Even more incredible: no shots! They used some new technology to numb my mouth without having to get a shot. Highly recommended!

I love it when it’s time to go to the dentist!

Really! As soon as you walk into Smileworks, you are immediately comforted by the spa-like atmosphere and the very welcoming staff. I have had two crowns placed, along with other minor work (including the teeth whitening), and each time I go, it has always been a pain-free and enjoyable experience. I am extremely happy with the staff’s expertise and skills, and also love the setup of the sunglasses, headphones, and remote control to the TV while everyone does their work! I have also recommended many people to Smileworks and they in turn have thanked me for the recommendation. Thanks, Smileworks, for really caring about the whole process…and for also being open in the evenings to accommodate my work schedule.

Thanks for another great experience!

A friend noticed my Smileworks koozie yesterday – turns out she goes there and loves your office too. I never thought I’d think twice about a dentist’s office once I walked out the door – much less enthusiastically recommend switching dentists to friends…but you guys are great.

Thank you all so much for everything today!

I never thought I would say that to a dentist. You all truly make it a better experience! Thank you again!

I am very impressed with Smileworks!

The staff, wow, sooooo great! I usually have anxiety issues with my dental appointments, but at this facility, they make sure you are comfortable and at ease before they start any procedure. I am so blessed to be a patient of Smileworks and would encourage everyone to check them out. I promise you, you will be highly satisfied. Any other issues you may have they just walk you through it. Thanks to the doctors and staff, you’re the best!

Thank you so very much!

After waking up with headaches for years, I told you about these, you told me it was from clenching my teeth at night. I was fitted with an appliance called NTI. At first I didn’t think it would work. The first night I used it, I woke up with no headache! I was so happy. It is small and you don’t feel it. It’s very comfortable.

I think your dental practice is the best!

I just wanted you to know that the new bridge is amazing. You have no idea what a pleasure it was to go to dinner tonight right after you put it in! You really did a great job and always, always are so kind, interested in what’s going on – and I do love the lavender towels! Thanks again for doing such a great job! P.S. Your staff is also wonderful!

I am thankful for you – keep up the great work!

I am time and again impressed with not only the work you do but how wonderful each of you are. You bend over backwards making sure all goes well and that each client is more than satisfied.

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