Dentist Near Me

We are always trying to learn, not just dentistry, but also how to better serve you in general.

People find out about Smileworks through various means. A very few find us in the old Yellow Pages, but more find us because we are the “dentists nearby”. In the customer’s mind the words “dentist near me” can mean quite a range of geographical distances.

As a test, one of our staff drove around Mount Pleasant area near our dental office to see if we could determine what the term dentists near me meant to you when driving around Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina 29464. Our test was done on an almost traffic-free early Sunday afternoon. That timing really changed the “nearby” meaning as it took about half the time compared to a workday to drive by another 15 local dentist offices between Whipple Road and Ben Sawyer Blvd.

In 2008 we selected our new location based not only on the clientele we wished to serve, but also for being convenient to patients. That goal was met by building on an easily accessible road near main arteries. We strove to be the dentist near you as well as being convenient to travel to.

Whipple Road has been widened. Wando High School was closed, then opened temporarily for other schools and now is being rebuilt as the new Lucy Beckham High School.

We remain the dentist close by and even more convenient. Please stop by for a chat sometime and visit our Home Page for more information.