Cosmetic Dentistry

Don’t Hide Your Smile – Let a Cosmetic Dentist Remake It!

We know how important it is to have your smile look good, because it makes you feel good! With a combination of preventive treatments and advancements in restorations, you can easily achieve the smile you deserve! Cosmetic dentistry treatments are much less time consuming, affordable, and create a very natural-looking smile. Come in and let us tell you how crowns, bonding, veneers, and whitening will work for you.

Teeth Whitening – Dazzling Results!

With the professional-strength whitening we use, your teeth can be their whitest. It is the same method seen on TV and in magazines. Power whitening will brighten your teeth in just one visit. And this whiteness can last for years!

We also make custom whitening trays in our lab. It is a whitening procedure you follow at home with the instructions and supplies we give you. It is effective, and you will see results in days. Having your own custom trays allows you to touch up your smile any time and for years to come.

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difference between metal and bonded white fillings

No Mercury Fillings! No Metals! No Kidding!

Our cosmetic dentists use the latest advancements in dentistry, and our filling material is composite resin that contains no metals, bonds well to teeth, and adds strength to the remaining tooth structure. Metal does not bond to a tooth, allowing decay to begin. A dark filling in a light-colored tooth is very noticeable, and many patients do not like its appearance in their smile or when talking. Our fillings are very natural looking, as the shade of the filling can be matched to the color of the tooth, making it nearly invisible.

Dental Implant Restoration for a Perfect Smile

Dental implants are the ideal way to replace lost teeth. They are the most effective method of restoring functionality and they provide a durable and long lasting replacement for damaged or missing natural teeth. Unlike bridges or removable dentures, which sit on top of the gums, implants are surgically placed under the gums. The titanium post that is placed acts as the new root structure to replace the missing tooth. Once the area has healed, a beautiful natural looking crown is then placed to restore your smile and full functionality. Dental implants can also be used to anchor dentures. Making the problems of slipping and movement a thing of the past. You will be very pleased with how dental implants can change or improve your every day life.

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Veneers, Bonding and More

We emphasize the aesthetic aspect in ALL our work because we know that when your smile looks good, you feel good! Our cosmetic dentists use the best combination of preventive care, tooth-colored fillings, and restorative techniques for optimum dental health. Modern smile makeovers are within your reach. There’s simply no reason you can’t have the beautiful, natural-looking smile you’ve always wanted. Ask us what modern veneers, white metal-free fillings, bonding, and whitening can do for YOUR smile!

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