Anxiety Free Sedation Dentistry

Relief from Anxiety at the Dentist

Are you or someone you know struggling from anxiety at the dentist? Smileworks is excited to share with you the importance of choosing a trustworthy dental office, as well as tips to overcome the fear of the dentist.

Dental Office Fear is Common

Unfortunately, being fearful of the dentist is a common feeling most have when scheduling an appointment to come in and see us. Not only are some experiencing anxiety for dental treatment needs, but others also fear a standard cleaning and exam as well. Here at our dental office, we strive to work with each patient individually based on their needs to feel comfortable in our dental office. Did you know most who fear the dentist are grown adults? Yes, this is true, even though most would think its children fearing a new place, with new tools. In addition to adults being the most fearful, there is usually no reason behind their fear. Studies have found adults associate discomfort with fear, a bad experience somewhere else, and dentists used to not have the best reputation. On the bright side, we are here to help and overcome this fear with you.

Overcoming Dental Anxiety is Easy

Overcoming dental anxiety is a conversation that should be normalized in every dental office. What some patients forget is that it is a team effort between you and your dentist to feel comfortable in the office when having your teeth cleaned, or any dental treatment performed. First, attending a dentist that has been recommended by a trustworthy source such as, family or friends can bring you comfort knowing they are happy with the practice. Secondly, patients should never be afraid to tell their dentist of their fear. Once the dentist is aware of your fear, the teamwork begins when trying to find a method that works well for each patient. Attending a trustworthy dental office, knowing they are well established, recommended by many, and willing to work with you is just the start of overcoming dental anxiety.

How to Ease Dental Fears

  • Relaxation exercises: deep breaths, meditation, and stretches to relieve muscle tension
  • Asking the dentist for a mirror to be able to watch what is going on during your visit
  • Sedation dentistry: nitrous oxide, also known as laughing gas, can be used during your visits to ease your nerves